A Full Array of Top-Rated Dental Services

Emergency Dentistry

A dental emergency can strike at any moment – that’s why our team of emergency specialists at Las Vegas Oral Surgery are ready and willing to assist with your dental emergency as soon as one takes place. Whether you’re experiencing pain, a chipped tooth, or other emergency, get in touch with our team today to have your emergency treated.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is where art intersects with dentistry, and our team is capable of creating beautiful and aesthetically pleasing smiles through bonding, veneers, crowns, and other cosmetic appliances and treatments. Speak with our team today to learn how your smile can benefit from cosmetic dentistry!


Gum disease is one of the most common conditions in the US today with millions of Americans suffering from gum disease as well as tooth loss and tooth decay. The first line of defense against these oral health concerns is frequent hygiene appointments with our veteran hygiene team!

Bone Grafting

The jawbone can decay over long periods of time due to decay or a general lack of strong oral health. If you’re looking to get dental implants, bone must be added and strengthened to allow these prosthetics to be safely placed. This is where bone-grafting comes into play!

Family Dentistry

Our team at Las Vegas Oral Surgery is capable of providing top-rated dental solutions to your entire family, even kids! Book your child’s next hygiene appointment or dental exam today with our veteran team of children’s dentistry specialists who are passionate about helping kids learn to love going to the dentist!

Oral Surgery

Not only do we specialize in dentistry, but we’re one of the top-rated oral surgery offices in Las Vegas, able to provide you and your family with a full array of oral surgery treatments as well as local and general anesthesia. 

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