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What is Distraction Osteogenesis 

Distraction osteogenesis (DO) is a method of treating skull and jaw complications that have come about in recent years due to modern advancements in dental and maxillofacial treatment technologies. This treatment method dates back decades, but has been perfect in recent years with the help of technologies that our team at Las Vegas Family Dentists has perfected in order to deliver these revolutionary treatments to our patients. This field offers safe and effective solutions for treating facial and skull deformities that can have an impact on health. Learn whether or not distraction osteogenesis can be used to correct your facial or cranial deformities today by getting in touch with our team at Las Vegas Family Dentists!

Distraction Osteogenesis FAQs

How is distraction osteogenesis defined? In simple terms, distraction osteogenesis is the gradual shifting of two body parts that move in a way that allows new bone to begin to form. 

Are distraction osteogenesis procedures different than typical surgical treatments? For the most part, no. These are typically done outside of our facility and most patients can go home the same day their operation takes place. These procedures also aren’t incredibly invasive. These operations are also covered by many different commercial insurance providers. 

Are these operations painful? No. Post-op, patients will sometimes be prescribed medications that can help to manage any pain they may be experiencing, but overall, the pain and discomfort that results from these operations is very manageable. 

Why would patients have these types of operations done? Simply put, these operations help to correct facial and cranial deformities, and involve little swelling, and also only need to utilize one single bone graft site in order for patients to be treated correctly. 

Can distraction osteogenesis operations be used to treat the jaw? Absolutely! Certain jaw deformities can be corrected through this process and can help patients who are suffering from a deteriorating jaw regrow jawbone material naturally. 

Does this process leave facial scars? No. These operations are performed with surgical instruments inside the mouth, therefore there are no facial scars. 

Can patients of all ages benefit from distraction osteogenesis? Yes, There is no age limitation to patients who can benefit from these advanced new treatment techniques!

Get in touch with our team at Las Vegas Family Dentists today to learn if distraction osteogenesis can benefit you or a loved one!

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