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For patients who experience a greater-than-normal level of anxiety when visiting the dentist, or for more invasive procedures, we’re able to offer sedation dentistry to patients at Las Vegas Family Dentists. We’re able to offer a specialty sedation dentistry option known as “twilight sleep” that helps Las Vegas Family Dentists stand out as Las Vegas’ premier sedation dentistry providers!

General dental sedation helps patients relax completely during a dental operation, or in most cases renders the patient “asleep” as they undergo their procedure. We’re able to offer sedation dentistry in-office, therefore eliminating the need to visit a specialty clinic or hospital system.

IV Sedation 

This involves a very thin needle being used to deliver the medication to a vein, typically the large vein in a patient’s forearm. The needle is gently held in with a small piece of tape being placed on the arm, and the needle is left in the arm for the duration of the procedure to deliver constant medication to the patient. Sedation dentistry affects every patient differently, with some patient’s falling asleep completely under IV sedation and some patients gently drifting asleep and then back awake throughout their care. Our general goal with sedation dentistry is to use the absolute lowest amount of medication as possible to achieve the level of comfort the patient desires during care; this also helps to avoid the groggy and “cloudy” feeling that can linger after sedation dentistry is over. It should be noted, however, that IV sedation patients should take a full day to recover after IV sedation and avoid any driving or transportation. Always have someone drive you to and from the dentist’s when you know you will be sedated!

Not all sedation dentistry has to leave patients asleep. Nitrous oxide is also a great solution that many patients prefer to IV sedation. Whichever method of sedation you prefer or is best for you, our team at Las Vegas Family Dentists will help you determine the best sedation dentistry option for you!

Seniors and Sedation Dentistry 

Older patients can often be more sensitive to sedation dentistry, which is why our team at Las Vegas Family Dentists is particularly careful with seniors and aim to use the lowest amount of medication possible when administering sedation dentistry to seniors. Older patients in particular may be more prone to have to undergo operations that require sedation dentistry, such as dental implants and procedures involving the jawbone and teeth. This is because as we age, the jawbone and teeth can weaken, increasing the need for these invasive procedures that protect tooth, jaw, and bite functionality as patients age.

Elderly patients may also be more prone to avoid the dentist due to fear of invasive procedures and discomfort. Overtime, this practice can lead to avoidable oral health concerns that can be addressed through restorative and general dental treatments. Especially for elderly patients who suffer from dental anxiety, sedation dentistry is a perfect option to help these patients feel more at ease during their treatment. Our team comes equipped with years of combined experience and a state-of-the-art dental facility to help us best treat these patients in the most effective manner while helping these patients remain comfortable during care. Our team is also experienced in treating the specific oral health concerns that elderly patients in particular may deal with, such as mouth dryness, tooth decay, and jawbone deficiencies.

Helping Eliminate Dental Fears and Anxiety 

As our team has noticed, there are many patients who do feel a large amount of anxiety when visiting the dentist. This can be caused by a number of factors, including negative dental experience in the past as well as general anxiety related to needles or more invasive dental procedures. Our team knows that these fears can lead to avoiding the dentist and avoidable oral health concerns in the future, which is why we take the time to help each patient feel as comfortable as possible during their care. We offer individualized sedation dentistry plans for each patient, helping to provide custom treatment solutions that help each patient receive the care they need in the most comfortable and relaxed state and environment possible.

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